Bookkeeping for Veterinarians

Bookkeeping for Veterinarians

Too little and you aren’t fairly compensated for your work; too much and you’ll have a tough time competing with other bookkeeping businesses. This could help you build credibility inside that segment, as well as help you hone your skills. Additionally, determining your target audience will be simple if you have a specialty. To help determine your niche, you should also research the market to determine what bookkeeping businesses are already established and which industries they serve. I will review and reconcile previous months and years to ensure all transactions are accounted for and categorized correctly on financial statements.

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  • Our business consulting services provide invaluable support and insights to veterinary practices looking to start up, expand, acquire another practice or sell.
  • The vast majority of our clients are small and mid-sized business owners in Wisconsin, but our services are 100% virtual and available nationwide.
  • We do not provide year-end tax filing services as we are not a CPA firm.
  • Instead, you need to create a financial plan that sets you on the path toward improved cash flow.


While bookkeepers used to keep track of this information in physical books, much of the process is now done on digital software. Whether handling payables or receivables, we streamline your financial transactions to optimize cash flow. Our focus is on creating a robust system that not only meets compliance standards but also ensures that your financial operations are a well-oiled machine, contributing to the overall health of your business. VetBooks is a bookkeeping service designed to help veterinarians improve their practice by enabling them to better understand and manage their finances. Better financial management and a more streamlined process is the key to making business decisions confidently.

Why is specialized accounting important for veterinary practices?

Meredith Wood is a member of the small-business team at NerdWallet.Prior to this, she was a VP at Fundera where she founded the FunderaLedger. She has specialized in financial advice for small-business ownersfor over a decade. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.

  • In addition, he served as an online media manager for the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • But having too many can present a challenge of where to record the costs.
  • The debut of the financial tool marked the first time that several key players in the veterinary profession endorsed a single chart of accounts for companion animal practitioners.
  • As you grow your client roster, you’ll want to make sure you’re tracking them effectively and completely.
  • Financial wellness programs can also alleviate stress for veterinary teams by offering tools for day-to-day financial pressures and future planning.
  • Our objective is to bolster your veterinary practice, helping you attain your financial aspirations.
  • We do so by utilizing technology to its fullest capabilities, taking time to understand and analyze a business’s needs, long-term goals, and objectives to personalize each and every interaction.

Budgeting for Success

Every account is set up with a Client Success Lead who will be your day-to-day contact. They’ll liaise with the rest of the team members on your account which may include an accounting manager, bookkeeper, payroll specialist, and payables specialist. When you know that someone who has a thorough understanding of veterinary medicine is taking care of your books so you can relax and focus on practicing veterinary medicine.

Bookkeeping for Veterinarians

  • Before you choose your business name, make sure someone else isn’t already using it, lest clients get confused.
  • Many clients will look for your website to find out about you and your experience.
  • It applies best-practice accounting standards for classifying revenue, expense, and balance sheet accounts in practice.
  • While they can receive certifications through training programs, they can also simply acquire on-the-job experience to establish their bookkeeping business.

When it comes to bookkeeping services for veterinarians, we prioritize providing exceptional support. Our objective is to bolster your veterinary practice, helping you attain your financial aspirations. No matter the size of your practice, our specialized bookkeeping expertise is here to help you thrive. Timely and precise, we are committed to ensuring you have the financial insight you need for informed practice decisions.

How to Account for Your COGS

The savviest small-business marketers are the ones who figure out exactly who their customers are and advertise directly to them. Remember that the amount that you charge should be contingent on your years of experience, specialization in industries, certifications you carry and your area. And, of course, your rate isn’t fixed — you can always change it if you feel like you’re not priced correctly. If your clients will be sending you things such as receipts or statements, you might want to consider the tool that you’ll use to share files.

Cloud-based bookkeeping for veterinarians

Bookkeeping for Veterinarians

Being experienced with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) chart of accounts, I can really help you study where the money comes from and goes. But I also have something that money can’t buy….and that is honesty and integrity. I’ll get you up to date with all of your transactions, reconciliations, and financial statements so you know exactly where the money is. Accracy is not a public accounting firm and does not provide services that would require a license to practice public accountancy. We do not offer services which fall under the jurisdiction of these organizations. We have partner organizations who can provide those services if needed by clients.

Premium Bookkeeping Services for Veterinarians

Monthly financial tracking and real-time reports provided by CPAs and practice management software empower veterinarians to make informed financial decisions. Profitability and economic sustainability are essential in veterinary practices. A thriving balance sheet keeps the clinic doors open, and supplies exam rooms and labs with state-of-the-art equipment to enhance patient care.

Bookkeeping for Veterinarians

Part of the expected responsibilities of a veterinary practice owner is to learn and understand all aspects of managing a business. To ensure success, it’s in a veterinary practice’s best interest to use in-depth, accurate techniques when it comes to business planning, bookkeeping, tax planning and accounting. Payroll management is a key service of veterinary CPAs, ensuring veterinary bookkeeping accuracy in recording team wages and benefits, which forms a critical part of the financial health of a veterinary practice. Managing accounts payable is another significant service offered, which includes tax return purposes, bill paying, and financial statement services. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and veterinary practices are no exception.

We have a number of non-economic partnerships with CPA firms who can help our clients with these services if needed. Our offboarding is pretty straightforward as we transfer account ownership to you. As a bonus, there’s no stopping you from replicating the workflows we’ve created for your in-house process – in fact, we encourage it. We are offering free 1 Month Basic Bookkeeping to all new customers so you can experience Accracy’s seemless and professional services. Periodic reviews, be it monthly or quarterly, can provide insights, highlight anomalies, and ensure you’re on track with your financial goals. Seamlessly track the pulse of your practice with our conversion and bookkeeping service.